January 21, 2020

What is the biggest time-waster for most salespersons?

Do you know what is the biggest timewaster for salespersons? What can you do to overcome it?Endless prospecting? Nope.Perhaps it is the excruciating ‘deal closure’ chase or customers who love making you go round-and-round? Try again!No – it isn’t even updating your CRM! (although this comes close to the biggest) The biggest contributor towards wasted…


How should a CEO select the right CRM?

Do you really need a Salesforce/SAP/Oracle if you are hitting the coveted 100 crore turnover? Or would a Zoho/Hubspot /SugarCRM suffice? It may be shocking to know that CEOs of rapidly developing companies will be advised to go for the most expensive CRM solution just to be ‘future-ready’.If you are a CEO, do not get…


Is there a ‘Right’ time to drop opportunities?

Salespersons are always taught to accelerate and maximize opportunities. Does it ever make sense to slow down, take a step back and drop opportunities?In some exceptional circumstances, the answer could be – YES.However, there must be a concrete reason for this. Here’s when you can consider dropping opportunities: 1. It shouldn’t be simply because you…