How to prioritize features in a SAAS product?

The biggest challenge thatSAAS software creators face – after getting customer need(s) right & selling – is design. Beyond the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – what features does one  keep & leave out to make a ‘whole product ‘ appeal to a large number of users.

The answer? Create a product like a Russian matryosha doll. Beyond the core – create personas based on use cases.

The personas fit in each other perfectly – and meet a compelling customer need independently – yet are mutually exhaustive. While designing – visualize a SAP screen for the CFO being very different from the screen for CHRO or for the CMO – but built on Devops, rendered on SAAS – and without the complexity or the price. In marketing its like messaging for the different ‘Buying centers’ being very different – without losing the common Value Proposition of the product! And while selling – for heavens sake don’t sell the complete feature-set. Talk about only those product features the particular customer buyer needs – collapse the rest in the doll! 🙂

Making sense? Agree? Disagree?

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