Smarketing zindabad – Sales & Marketing flow into each other!

Time to obliterate the artificial differences between Sales & Marketing?

They are the Korean ‘yin & yang’ – whose forms may be different – but the objective is the same. Both the functions are about thinking & executing on bringing profits & revenues for the company. ‘

Smarketing‘ is a way to integrate sales & marketing – but I see it receiving a bad press amongst both Marketeers & Salespersons. A bit of antipathy between Sales & Marketing is OK.  Friction is require for the wheels to work. Both know  that their work feeds into the others’.

One may earn more bonus – after all their job is on the line & operate in a ‘take no prisoners’ environment. The other has a crazy workload always peering into their screens to see which campaign is working or not.  You shouldn’t be drinking buddies – but you shouldn’t be jousting enemies either! Promise to be nicer to each other –  understand each other a teenie bit more – and have a good working relationship if not anything else! Am I the only one saying this?

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