How to get your Product Go To Market right!

How to get your Product Go To Market  swift & right! My top 10 tips from an impressive article by Alok Soni at YourStory Media:

  1. Developing a product to solve your real life problem is still the best epiphany.
  2. Spending more time on conceptual solutioning  is better than quick launch & trying to sell – a bit counterintuitive to the Lean Startup philosophy.
  3. Team Practo – keep a ‘living business case’  journal outlining changing market, product, competition, & product evolution. Journaling business thoughts & why decisions are  made – is key. Peter Drucker talked about this too!
  4. Founders who are technical tend to underestimate amount of work needed ‘downstream’.
  5. Communicate in simple language. Communicate your ideology – e.g. Practo’s ‘Life Mein’ campaign.
  6. Users & buyers  are from Mars & Venus. They need different handling & communication.
  7. Pivots shoudn’t be desperate. Next steps after pivots should be well thought out.
  8. For those who have the luxury of a build-vs-buy decision, product-fit, culture & time to produce should be the deciders.
  9. The farther you go from the consumer, the worse it is for the product.
  10. Do an end-to-end ‘Go To Market’! My addition!

Original article here:



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