Sales Planning: how should a Salesperson welcome the financial new year?

Welcome to the first day of the financial year! For may Indian companies & companies across other countries in the world, the financial new year begins on 1st April 2018. For a salesperson it means recovering from the hard-driving ‘close at all cost’ stressful days of the last few weeks. Sales planning is key.

Here’s some tips & ideas to relax, reminisce, & plan for a successful  year ahead:

  1. Savor & enjoy the down-time now. Each year sales becomes a wee bit difficult. Its important to relax, recharge, & focus on the future.
  2. You had a wonderful year? Congrats but the meter just got reset to zero. Rinse & start afresh!
  3. You had a horrible year? Congrats – its over! Now is not the time to wallow in self-pity. Rinse & start afresh! There’s  more than one CEO looking for just your experience.
  4. Nobody other than you cares two hoots about your career! Please INVEST in your learning.  Read books, attend conferences, see Youtube videos! Era of your boss chasing to you attend overseas training is over!
  5. Best way to learn – jotting down your experiences & learning in a long-time journal. My xls ‘lessons’ file is 15 years old – an awesome learning tool!
  6. Go easy on the partying at the Sales Kickoff. I have seen quite a few careers derailed because of the bacchanalian partying in front of the big bosses. @kickoff – network, build relations, understand co. direction!
  7. Start early! Getting meetings is easy! The buyers are relaxed, available & open to seeding ideas from ‘early bird’ vendors.



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