Are you struggling with lead generation? 3 tips to overcome it!

On asked which part of their marketing they are most dissatisfied with – majority of the CEOs I speak with say ‘lead generation’. Ouch! It sure hurts! Why does it happen?

  1. Getting attention today isn’t easy. With the tools available – email, phone, & digital many default to the easiest behaviour – persistent, boring, over communication. The unfortunate result – we get unsubscribed/blocked!
  2. Prioritizing costs over value & specialists over generalists. We often work with low-cost specialist agencies that doesn’t get our context – who only understand their tools.  What to do about it?
    • Draw your ‘Buyers Journey’ now! This is not a ‘sales pipeline’ overview. Clearly write down how you think a customer discovers, interacts & buys from you. Research/ask for help, but do create a step-by-step overview of your buying cycle.
    • If you don’t have an Inside Sales team – please get one. ISE is marketer’s biggest champion! Design campaigns for those who speak most with prospects – and educate/change the agencies!
    • Consider drip nurturing. Create interesting sequential messages that drive your customer down the buying path. Make sure that you give freebies, wisdom & love along the way!

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