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You can’t sell into B2B India using digital growth hacking only

My hypothesis is that you can’t sell in India  without tele or field sales. Only when you add people to sales do you get the exponential

Why couldn't Tapzo - Indian app-of-apps survive?

India is not China. And Tapzo is not Taobao. Tapzo just closed down. A friend asked the question - why did Tapzo have to close down when Taobao thrives?

How should a Salesperson welcome the new year?

Welcome to the first day of the financial year!... For a salesperson it means recovering from the hard-driving...

How to prioritize features in a SAAS product?

Beyond the MVP - what features does one  prioritize to make a 'whole product ' appeal to a large number of users?

3 Fundamental ways to improve Lead Generation

CEOs  when asked about that part of Marketing they are most dissatisfied with - often say ‘lead generation'. Ouch!...

Biggest must avoid trait of sales-person - EGO

There is one thing that spells doom in sales. You cant nurse their egos - keep quite - but don't hurt their egos!

Enabling Social Selling in a Sales Organisation

Convinced about Social Selling? Some ideas & a  framework to enable Social Selling in your sales org.  (blog, article, deck)

What if Amitabh Bachchan followed you on Twitter?

Psst.... check your Twitter feed! Sr. Bachchan might already be following you. Why?... power of virality in social...

What is an effective SAAS Business Model?

I keep shouting: 'Your Sales + Marketing + Alliance model is a function of your Product not the other way round...

Traditional power networks are dead - are you in the new?

The biggest power of LinkedIn + Twitter & Customer Response technology is dis-intermediation of  traditional power network...

Understanding the six dimensions of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful sales & marketing tool crafted since telephone. It works in 6 dimensions. Learn how to,,,

How do you go about establishing trust with buyers?

How do you go about establishing trust with buyers?It's difficult but possible. You need to do three things to reach there:

Smarketing zindabad - Sales & Marketing flow into each other!

Smarketing is a way to integrate sales & marketing - but I see it receiving a bad press by both Marketeers & Salespersons...

Can a telesales person make 691 cold-calls in a day?

What is the maximum number of cold calls can you make in a day? Miles Veth kicked up a storm in the sales community...

How should you pay external sales consultants?

A Founder can outsource Sales to consultants  - but they can't outsource the accountability! How to compensate them?

#1 Challenge in Indian Startups - selling globally

Jyoti Bansal of AppDynamics fame mentioned that the biggest challenge facing Indian startups is - 'sales'...

Target Market selection while selling SAAS

Don't go barking up the wrong tree while selling SAAS. 3 pieces of advice on target market selection ...

Top five most important Sales Book to read

If you had to read five books on Sales which ones would they be? 1 Lead gen., 2 pipeline, 1 overall, & 1 enablement...

Dilemma of a top gun sales executive -glory mine alone?

Do you  honestly heart-of-heart need to  thank anyone for your success OR is the glory yours & yours only?

Take CHARGE of your Sales Pipeline thru Social Selling

Waiting for high quality leads that never come? Don't WAIT! Be a Swami Vivekananda ... take charge of your sales funnel!

SAAS Sales + Marketing Best Practices

My lessons on sales+marketing  for SAAS founders from multiple ongoing conversations: ... what works & doesnt work

Salute to all Sales Enablement professionals

Enabling Sales is one of the most difficult jobs in the whole wide world. A shout-out to all my friends doing Sales Enablement...

Can BigBasket continue winning the profitability race?

Yesterday as I was purchasing groceries from a vending machine, old thoughts of the dot-com bust came flooding back...

How should SMB founders do Marketing Planning?

Marketing is much more than Digital Marketing. And Digital is much more than SEO, Website, Email...

My two cents on making Digital Transformation work

An HBR article mentioned that Digital Xtn initiatives  in GE, Lego, P&G, Nike, & Ford didn't work. Our two cents...

Delivery Leader transitioning into Founder/CEO

Delivery leaders transitioning into Founder/CEO often think that sales is someone else's job. They understand...

That elusive sales rain-maker doesn't exist

Are you searching for ...  person who magically pulls deals from nowhere that takes you on the path of prosperity...

What really works in B2B Sales & Marketing?

Debates on what works in  B2B sales & marketing will never end... I like going back to Buddha's sayings for this...

Eternal conflict between VCs & Founders

On 'gaming the system' by founders & 'no deep questioning by investors' - an interesting Sunday discussion...

How to be a Social Selling Superstar? A journey

You want to be a Social Selling Superstar? Follow the step by step journey of climbing the steps and being one!

How to get your Product Go To Market right!

How to get your Product Go To Market  swift & right! My top 10 tips based on an impressive article by Alok Soni

Social Media Marketing is like a relay race

I was skeptic about Social Media Marketing before...Its a relay race. Social Media Marketing alone is not enough.