Sales Pipeline Diagnostics & Improvement

Does the state of your company's sales alignment or the pipeline volume & flow keep you awake at night?

Are there any gaps in your Sales process? Whatever be the state of your sales pipeline, could it do with significant growth?

At LeadStrategus, we understand the daily challenges of aligning efforts to real progress.  We know what it takes to create a real pipeline &  orchestrating the upstream activities 'yesterday' to make the pipe close 'today'.

We offer Sales & Marketing Diagnostic Workshops, Field Coaching & Mentoring, Marketing Outsourcing, and in cases where we believe we can make a difference - take responsibility for 25%+ improvement in the mass & velocity of your pipeline.


Marketing 360 Services

Marketing traditionally covers a lot of ground - and the new kids on the block - Digital, Social, & Marketing Automation - just like the old sentimental uncles - Tele, Events, TL, ABM - all need a lot of Tender Loving Care & being on 365x24x7.

Like Alice in Wonderland, marketeers need to run faster to stay in the same place. How do you prioritize? Can anyone deliver to your standards & give you 100% peace of mind?

At LeadStrategus,  with 18 years of practitioner experience across Fortune 500s, SMEs, & Startups  we understand your pain. We offer uncomplicated ideas, practical plans, & execute  where  you need outside execution.


Product - Market Fit, Research & Advisory Services

Cost of wrong decisions in market entry & go to market are enormous. Sizing & forecasting the market, sizing up the players, and deciding on which levers to press  are critical inputs for sales & marketing success.

Have you done the due diligence before the make/break decisions? Do you seek a trusted advisor who can help separate the signal from the noise?

At LeadStrategus - we wear our forecaster, researcher & advisor hats to help you make the decisions for success. We conduct  market research,  market forecasting, market intelligence & scenario planning to help you make the right decisions.


Our Sweet Spot

Only leadStrategus combines the Industry competence of high-end  Consulting firms with the practitioner's know-how of Go To Market
Only leadStrategus combines the Industry competence of high-end Consulting firms with the practitioner's know-how of Go To Market

Why Us?

  1. Expertise – We live, breathe, & swear by B2B GTM
  2. Competence – We have been thriving in the finer details of B2B strategy, sales, marketing & tech for the last 18 years
  3. Trustworthiness – We  will not make any promises we can’t keep

Our Heritage

Kingshuk - was previously Head Marketing for Amazon Web Services India with a heritage of progressively senior responsibilities across Marketing, Strategy & Business Development deliverables across organisations like SAP, Oracle, IBM, Gartner, KPMG, Pluralsight, IMRB &

Have strong domain knowledge & network: frameworks, processes,  partners – we can hit the ground running.

Highest levels of integrity – What You See Is What You Get

Next Steps...

The only thing we bother about is how our advice & actions make a material difference in your work-life. We don't care whether you are  an intern in a small company or a startup of 1 or a CEO of mid-sized firm or a Chairman of a Fortune 100.

We will be more than happy to share with you on how as a strategist, marketeer, salesperson, or a product visionary - you can be successful using Sales &  Marketing. Get in touch!